What about Charlie?

Charlie Kray was by no means a gangster. He liked the quiet life and would sooner talk his way out of trouble than have a fight although he could handle himself in that department too.

He was a substitute father to the twins while old Charlie was on the run from the authorities and tried his best to control his younger brothers. And it was probably his role as father figure that alienated him to some extent, from the twins in later life.

The twins would never involve Charlie in their activities unless they had to, for fear of arguements or reprimands and they became very secretive to keep things from their Mum and him.

Before the war Charlie worked for Lloyds as a messenger boy in the City earning around 18 shillings a week which is 90 pence in today's money

After doing his National Service in the Navy, Charlie went to work with his dad.

Now in his early twenties he started to box professionally and had quite a few wins to his name.

He fell in love with a girl called Dorothy Moore and married her on Christmas day 1948. They moved in to Vallance Road after converting the gym back into a bedroom.

The twins didn't like Dorothy very much and Charlie's time spent with her pulled the twins and him further apart.

Charlie says "Dorothy was possessive, highly strung, had a vivid imagination and didn't make friends easily". It wasn't a match made in heaven, to say the least.

They had two children Gary and Nancy. He doted on his family and loved his kids above everything.

Although his home life was shattered when he discovered Dorothy was having an affair with George Ince, he stayed with her for the sake of the family.

He started to look elsewhere for love and affection and found it in the arms of Barbara Windsor, star of the Carry on films and Eastenders. This affair didn't last because his kids and their happiness came first and staying with Dorothy provided them with a stable background.

This wasn't to last and arguments were a daily occurrence. Dorothy was still seeing Ince behind Charlie's back. In earlier arguments she had said that Nancy wasn't his but then denied it when they calmed down.

Charlie now knew that his beloved Nancy wasn't his own flesh and blood but he loved her just the same.

The twin's reputation was growing stronger and had just bought the Regal the first of many clubs to be owned by them.

In 1957 Ron was sent to prison for 3 years for GBH on a man called Terry Martin. Although the twin's separation had upset Reg it had brought him and Charlie closer together.

Charlie provided funds for their new club, the Double R and played an active role in its development.
However when Ron was released Charlie was again pushed into the background.

The events that happened later are now history and have been well documented elsewhere on this web site but just to recap:

On 8th of May 1968 Ron, Reg and Charlie Kray were arrested (with many others) for the murders of George Cornell, Jack McVitie and Frank Mitchell as well as other lesser charges.

Charlie aged 41 was sentenced to 10 years in prison for being an accessory to the murder of Jack McVitie. This is probably the greatest injustice of the Kray trial. Charlie wasn't there when the murder took place but carried the can for being a Kray.
He did his time and was released in January 1975.

His return to life with Dolly was something he couldn't really face and eventually they parted. Nancy stayed with Dorothy and Gary came to live with Charlie.

He started dating a woman by the name of Diana Ward who he had met many years earlier. This relationship was to last for many years but although they loved each other as friends they fell out of love. In about 1986 he met and fell in love with Judy Stanley, a mother of 3 and 25 years his junior. Charlie was never happier. But this happiness was not last.

His son Gary became ill and was diagnosed with lung cancer.
Sadly in 1996 Gary died.

Gary's passing was a void that could not be filled for Charlie and it left him a broken man.

The episode that happened next was to put Charlie behind bars for the rest of his life.

In 1997 he was arrested for trying to supply cocaine to the value of £39 million. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

At the age of 73 and in very poor health Charlie was admitted to Dryburn hospital in Durham on 28th of July 1999 with a very bad chest infection. He remained there for a few weeks before returning to Frankland prison.

He requested a transfer and was moved to Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight on the 20th August 2004.

His health deteriorated over the coming months and his brother Reg was moved to Parkhurst to be with him in his final hours.....

Sadly Charlie died on 4th April 2000 after complications due to heart trouble.

Charlie Kray has had more bad luck than most doing many years in prison for something he didn't do and then to this last episode where he was set up by the police to secure a conviction and place him once again behind bars.